I’m glad you want to get know me 🙂

My name is Sylwia, but most of the people around me call me Mysha. You probably already know where the name “Mysha Art Design” came from 🙂

I have been interested in geometry and abstract art since I was a child. I put dots randomly on the entire surface of the page, and then connected them with lines. This is how my works were created. Of course, the world didn’t see any of them, I hid everything. At the time, I thought that I would be hailed as a “weirdo”. To this day, opinions about abstract art are divided. Some love it, others just the opposite. I often wonder what this reluctance is caused by. Maybe just a lack of imagination? You are probably wondering what made me start showing my work to the world. Well, happiness in misfortune!
In 2018, I had a “small” accident that excluded me from sports life for over two years. It was a really hard for me because I was very active in many sports. Unfortunately, for the first year, I couldn’t walk practically at all. I underwent an ankle surgery and spent many months rehabilitating. That’s why, in order not to go crazy, I started my adventure with “Pouring Painting”! I ordered canvases, paints and many other things to get started.

I decided to go all the way. For many days I used to mix paints with fluetrol, oils etc. I tested them in various pouring techniques until finally I found the right one. Each one had to be adapted to the appropriate technique.
At the beginning I only heard words that were supposed to discourage me so much that I would stop “wasting” time and money on all this.
When I did the first few works, I started to run out of space for them. That’s why I put them up for sale … And then the wheel began to roll! I sold my first paintings and people who didn’t believe in me suddenly LOST VOICE …

Some time later, I created an account on YouTube and uploaded videos of how I paint. More and more viewers from all over the world showed up. I started getting private messages and special orders from people in distant countries. But that’s not all! I was also contacted by viewers who wanted to start painting. They asked for advice. This was for me, not so much weird, but surprising. Seriously?! Someone from the other side of the world is watching me and wants advice? WOW!

Then I realized that what I do is not only good for me, but I have enough knowledge and talent to help others. Over time, cooperation offers and invitations to events began to appear. I have conducted Art therapy classes for children several times. I have donated some of my works to charity auctions, mainly for children suffering from SMA and various types of cancer.

My Sign of Zodiac is Libra so I don’t like monotony. I love changes, introducing new things. Therefore, over time, in addition to paints, epoxy resin came to my studio.

Today in my offer you will find paintings, resin jewelry, vases, various boxes, trays, cheese boards, handkerchiefs … but you can be sure that’s not the end. My head is full of ideas.

Painting gives me the opportunity to find harmony and order. This is how I express myself. I am inspired by my emotions and energy because I experience so many of them every day… I love working with saturated colors. Most of my paintings are painted using the POURING technique, fine lines and details.

If you want to stay in my world full of colors and creativity, I invite you to my social media: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Find out much more there.

Of course, I also invite you to my online store 🙂

“Stay Arty”